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As a local born right here in Marvellous Melbourne, let me say welcome. Welcome to the Coffee crazy, AFL Footy founding, Fashion fantasizing, Multicultural hub of this very beautiful Southeastern state of Victoria where we call ourselves Melbournians!  I have been lucky enough to have traveled around Southeast Asia for a few years backpacking, volunteering and working, meeting beautiful people and learning about their cultures and traditions. I Studied Mandarin Chinese and lived in the absolutely gorgeous island of Taiwan. Upon returning I found a need to explore more of my own backyard. Places across this Great Southern Land are interesting but Victoria, what a perfect place! From Picturesque Coasts to Lush Green Rainforest, from Volcanic Plains to Snowcapped Mountains. I feel there is too much beauty to discover downunder on your own, so get Set, sit back, & let me do what I do best to help you discover it too!

 There's so much to see and do in the state of Victoria. So, take your time, look around, and learn all about Private Tours with Southeast touring. I hope you enjoy the site and please, take a moment to enquire below..

  身為一個土生土長的墨爾本人,歡迎來到一個咖啡之都、藝術之都、也是澳洲足球的創始之都,位在澳洲東南邊的維多利亞州、我很驕傲自己能夠出生在如此多元豐富又美麗的墨爾本,成為一個墨爾本人。   跟東南非常有緣份的我,曾經也花了三年的時間在東南亞國家旅行,學習不同國家的歷史與文化,也讓我開始學習中文,融入當地的生活。最後我帶著這些養分歸根回到了我的家鄉,還是不能停止我對旅遊的熱情,繼續探索著維多利亞的每一個角落,也開始了我的導遊工作,從美得像幅畫的海岸線到鳥語花香的林間,從火山平原到白雪覆蓋的高山,讓我跟您分享最特別的維多利亞州,帶您體驗維多利亞的四季之美。   

停下您的腳步,跟著自己的心意,規劃一趟自由自在量身訂製的私人旅行團,打造自己最美好的回憶,歡迎到下方與我們聯絡告訴我們您的需求,   最厲害的行程並不是難以抵達的景點,而是為客人打造量身訂作旅程。  

About - 關於我

A Private Touring Experience

Public tours can be extremely exhausting. If you feel the need for more comfort, more passion and personality from your Tour guide, then it makes sense, and is much better value to have a local Private Guide who will lead you like one of his own family members, to the best, unmissable sights around Melbourne.

  擁有自己私人的舒適座位,再也不會有陌生人跟您擠小小的座位,不再只是走馬看花緊湊的行程, 精緻私人小團,舒服的轎車接送, 熱情貼心的當地導遊,是您的好導遊也是您的好朋友,像家人一樣沒有距離感的快樂旅行 。                                                       

A Mandarin Speaking Local Guide

The cultures and traditions of Taiwan taught me so much. An addition to your wonderful trip to some amazing places with me is conversational Mandarin Chinese. Feel more comfortable and have a laugh with a local, who will happily guide you around Victoria speaking fluently in Mandarin.


Memories That Last A Lifetime

Doing a Private Tour with Southeast touring will give you memories worth more than money. A local to show you around the most cherished parts of the state he grew up in, will ensure it will be hard to forget the time out taken to see the incredible 

Southeast, Melbourne, and Victoria.


 參加我們私人旅行團,由土生土長的澳洲導遊,帶您體驗當地的文化特色,走踏只有當地人才知道的私房景點, 可以輕鬆自在的和家人朋友享受旅遊的樂趣,帶回美好的回憶,給您一趟難忘的維州之旅。  

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